The best online sites for sports betting

Sports betting has been one of the first ways to bet on the Internet and online betting odds are now millions. Thanks to this, players will be able to choose from several options for all the most important events and leagues in the world, as well as live broadcast tournaments. Additionally, each market covers a large number of unique bet types to consider.

If you are looking for the best sports betting sites with the best sports events to place your bets, then the following list may interest you.¬†We will show you the best sports betting pages with the best welcome bonuses, the highest security and the best customer service on the market.¬†As always, we are on your side and we want you to be a real winner, that’s why we take care of testing the sites for you and bringing you an updated and reliable list.¬†Try the sports betting sites that we show you and we hope you have a very good experience.

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Sports Betting History

Sports betting is one of the most ancient games that is known. The ancient Greeks, more than two centuries ago, are known to gamble on their favorite events with money. Then the Romans adopted sports betting to such an extent that they turned it into a business, placing bets on gladiator fights and the circus. However, it was not until the 18th and 19th centuries that sports betting became a really huge business.

During the 1780s in England it was common to organize horse and greyhound races in which the possibility of making sports bets was offered. Since then the English are said to be one of the best punters. Such gambling practice would come 50 years later to the United States, where it is practiced in sports such as boxing and American football, just to name a few.

When online gambling sites appeared, the sporting event options available for placing bets grew dramatically. However, in the 90s, when the online world settled and grew abruptly, online sports betting became massive and began to reach every home. Since then, hundreds of online sports betting sites have come to stay and keep popping up over time.

What do you need to know about online sports betting?

Online betting is not just about having the best odds for sporting events at your fingertips, it’s also about finding creative ways to maximize the fun and benefits of some of the biggest and most exciting events around the world.¬†Most major sports betting operators allow customers to bet on events on their mobile and tablet devices, as well as on desktop computers.

Online betting can be carried out either through mobile applications as well as directly in the web browser.¬†In general, the graphics and functionalities can be reduced, so it is advisable to check which sports betting site best suits your online betting needs.¬†It’s also important to note the amount of mobile data used by gambling sites, especially if you have a limited package.

Are online sports betting safe?

Online betting is extremely safe thanks to a large number of regulations and controls. In addition, there are organizations fully dedicated to ensuring the security of each player, using advanced technology to keep online financial transactions protected. Every sports betting player should feel calm when it comes to safety issues.

Keeping users’ money safe must be the top priority of all sports betting sites, which is why we always evaluate that they have security measures, such as SSL encryption, to prevent access to your information or money.

Bonuses and Promotions

Every player starting out on a sports site should have the opportunity to start with a welcome bonus and, if possible, weekly promotions. This is why we try to list sites that offer something for their new players, including descriptions of the terms and what the promotions consist of. Whether or not this requires a deposit is an important factor influencing the rating.

Customer Service

Gambling sites need to make sure that their customers have a pleasant experience that meets expectations. If not, they should always provide a means for users to share their observations and find answers to their questions.

What sports betting events are available online?

Online gambling is generally divided into sections according to sport, with special sections for political, entertainment and other special events. Online sports betting is by far the most diverse in terms of market variety. However, some of the most popular online gambling events are entertainment or political.

Availability in Spanish-speaking countries

At CasinoLat we try to list sports betting sites that are in Spanish. However, since there are many who are not but offer good welcome bonuses, we include them as they generally accept players from Latin America. With knowing a little English, there should be no problem visiting these sites.

Can I watch live events online?

Yes, you can see the events that you are betting live, online. Depending on the sports betting site you are visiting, you will get direct access to the live broadcasts of the events for which live betting is offered, either on the site or in the app.

Don’t be surprised that some bookmakers offer streaming services, as live events are always more exciting when it comes to betting.¬†So what better way to bet live by watching the stream along with your active bets and latest odds?

What are the betting markets?

Sports betting markets are a list of every result you can play at a given event. These markets will generally include a minimum of event winners, winning margins and handicap markets, plus accumulator options (multiple outcome). Although each online betting site has its own range of specialized markets, for example goals scored or time of first goal, some may focus on specific events and offer particularly diverse markets.

What are the 3 types of betting odds?

Odds represent the prices or values ‚Äč‚Äčthat brokers will pay if your bet is successful, expressed as a proportion of your original bet.¬†They are generally displayed in one of these 3 formats:

  1. Fractional odds: These show your potential winnings as a fraction of your original bet. This means that the displayed numbers are divided and the result is multiplied by your bet to determine your profit. For example: a $ 10 bet with odds of 2/1 would be calculated like this: 2 divided by 1 = 2, 2 x 10 = 20. This gives a profit of $ 20, plus your initial bet of $ 10, making a total return from $ 30.
  2. Decimal odds: These represent the multiple of your bet, which is returned in case it is successful, including your initial bet. For example: if you made a successful bet of $ 10 with odds of 1.5, then you will get 1.5 x $ 10 = $ 15. The decimal odds of 1.5 are equivalent to the fractional odds of 1/2.
  3. American Odds: These odds are totally different and can be negative or positive. Negative numbers indicate how much you must bet to win $ 100, so -140 odds mean you have to bet $ 140 to win $ 100. Positive numbers indicate how much you would win on a $ 100 bet. So, odds of +160 would indicate a profit of $ 160. To calculate how much you would win on a different bet, simply scale the figure up or down proportionally. Thus, a $ 1 bet with odds of 140 would win $ 1.40.

Here you can see a more complete glossary with the main types of sports betting that exist today.

What are the main differences between sports betting online and at a sports venue?

There are a lot of advantages to online betting compared to local betting. Sure, everyone enjoys the nostalgia of going into a store and making a bet, but the technological advantages of online betting cannot be ignored. Online betting gives players the opportunity to bet and cash quickly, as well as to bet on exchanges, options not offered when betting on premises. Online betting exchanges operate a little differently than typical local betting.

Instead of keeping the money to bet against the clients themselves, the online system acts as a financial market in which bettors bet for or against the outcome of the event. Most sports betting venues do not offer exchanges, so players should resort to online betting.